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Bring your idea to life. With Flutter!


Darko Bačić

Photo of Darko Bačić, Flutter Expert

I'm a Software Developer with 10+ years of experience in:

- Mobile App Development

- Web Site Development

- Backed Development

I helped big brands in Europe to bring their app to the App and Play Store and learned a lot during that time.

Now I ventured into entrepreneurial waters and want to help you get to the stores, quick and easy!


Committed to excellence


MVP in 4 weeks

Have a great idea but low on budget? I'm here to help!
Get your idea developed and shipped to customers in just 4 weeks!


Code Review

Did you get the code from a 3rd party vendor or just want to make sure your team is on the right track? Look no further! I'll create a details report including suggestions, action points and do's and don't so you can sleep peacefully.


Team Training

You have developers switching from other platforms, or you hired too many juniors and don't know what to do now? I'll train the heck out of them so they are ready for combat!

After a decade in IT, I've learned to spot what businesses really need, not just what they think they want. I excel at keeping end-users happy, improving app performance over time, and more.

With experience on both sides of the business – as an employee and as my own boss – I've gained valuable insights into what it takes to succeed in the industry.

From managing teams to understanding the big picture, I'm here to help you navigate and thrive in the digital world.

You can expect clear and direct communication (naked truth), fast app development (try and fail fast) and budget friendly prices (effective as fudge).

How I work



Proven tactics and strategies that I've developed in order to deliver apps in record time.


Yes, I can move that button 1px to the left, and yes, I can change the font size to 14. 


I've tried and failed more times than you can think, trust me when I say everything is possible to code.

Why choose me


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